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Federated Pentecostal Church International

The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, Whom shall I fear, the Lord is the Strength of my life whom shall I be afraid.

Truly, the Lord has brought us from a mighty long ways. It gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone to our website. This great church is continually evolving, improving, and excelling in its mission. God is giving this church more grace as it continues to live out its purpose and mission.

We are living in a time when our faith is being tried and proven once again. We are a people of faith and great endurance. The adversary has put stumbling blocks in our path, but we use them as stepping stones. We are receiving opposition and great resistance from the enemy, yet we continue to press forward and persevere through temptation and tough times. God knows the way that we take, but when we come forth, it will be as pure gold.

Think back and recall how we watched our leaders go through some of the greatest trials and adversities. They endured criticism and ostracizing for the sake of the work of the Lord. God requires nothing less than our best. 

Bishop Richard & Minister Sharon Taylor

FPCI Prelate/President

Think it not strange concerning fiery trials,” “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord God will deliver us out of them all.” I believe this church is called to bring forth an united body. We can do more in this church then our small churches can do. Let us maximize our opportunities and not duplicate what our individual churches are already doing, but let’s listen to God’s instruction for doing those things that will benefit all of our congregations in the federation. I believe we are called to immersing every idea, dream, and vision that will set a higher standard and purpose for His church.